What is GeiaFit™?

GeiaFit™ Connected Therapy is the simple solution for a proven approach.

Keeping patients engaged with GeiaFit™ is easy for practitioners, easy for patients, and best of all, lowers cost while improving outcomes.

GeiaFit Mobile App

"I am very visual, so having the app has helped me verify I did everything I needed to. It also has kept me 'honest' on days I don't feel like doing my exercises."

‐ GeiaFit™ Physical Therapy patient

About GeiaFit, Inc.

Pronounced [jee-yuh-fit]

In 2014, Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick had a busy career, 6-month old twin girls and a 3-year old son when she suffered an injury that left her nearly paralyzed.

After months of misdiagnoses and ineffective treatment, she found physical therapy to be the most effective treatment, but unfortunately, the traditional model is completely impractical for a working mother of three.

  • Driving through commuter traffic for frequent office visits
  • Difficulty communicating regularly with therapists
  • Poorly illustrated, boilerplate instructions on photocopied paper

It's no wonder 70% of patients drop out after the third treatment.

Dr. Fitzpatrick was determined to help more people feel better by solving these problems and in 2015, she founded GeiaFit™.

GeiaFit™ believes that by making quality treatment available in a practical, valuable way, we can start a healthcare revolution. By providing a system that makes it easy for patients and practitioners to stay engaged, we start to say goodbye to chronic illness and injury, goodbye to limitations, and hello to health.

Talk to a GeiaFit™ representative today to find out how you can help lead the revolution.

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